Skunk in the Morning...

Ah, Pepe. As I crested the little hill at the city boundary on western Baseline this morning an animal control officer was attempting to release a skunk back into the wild. The little critter must have been pretty comfy (or scared) in its cage, and was hesitant to come out. The officer tried lifting the back of the cage and giving it a shake, but the canyon and hillsides perhaps didn't look or smell familiar, so Pepe le Pew was staying put. Not only that, but he was not in the least bit hesitant to let the officer, and everyone else nearby, know just what his opinion on the matter was. The fragrance had wafted all the way down the road to the bottom of the hill, thanks to the mornings breeze, and I got to suck it in all the way up.

It was an AFV moment, but I didn't get to witness the outcome, for as soon as I crested the hill I started down the other side. It didn't really look, nor smell, like a place I wanted to be anyway.

 Later I spotted a group of Forest Service firefighters on a hillside above San Dimas Canyon. No smoke around, so I imagine they were just training.