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When I said in that final post at the Claremont Cyclist that I only expected you readers/members to contribute an occasional comment I was flat out lying. I want to put you to work by become contributors to the Center Line Gallery (you may have noticed the link over on the right). If you have a photo already or, if while out on the road some day you see a brilliant photo opportunity, snap it and send it (or provide a link so I can download it). The center line does not have to be on a road or highway, it could be a bike path or a multi-use trail. I guess if you only mountain bike you will be at a disadvantage here; I can't recall ever seeing a center line on a dirt trail. Bikes in the photo (or parts of bikes) are an obvious plus, riders on those bikes are even better, but none of those are required - the photo might simply show a center line in a beautiful location. Get creative - but do so safely. If you don't mind, send the photo to me, and I will add it to the Center Line Gallery (with due credit); really cool ones will get featured with a blog post. Include relevant info, like name, location, inspiration, etc. 

Update (December 2012) I have now turned the Center Line Gallery into a group gallery in which you can download photos yourself. Be sure to give yourself credit, and provide any relevant information (where, when, who, that sort of thing). As administrator, Photobucket will ask me to approve any submissions (in order to keep out the riff-raff and anything less than appropriate), but it is as easy as that. Keep riding and bring on the photos. Not neccesarily wanting to turn this into a competition, but I may search out a way to work a prize into this at the end of each year - best entry, most popular, most submissions, something along those lines. We'll see.

Update (February 2013) Well, apparently Photobucket is doing away with the group album option. I checked this morning and noticed that photos can not be added anymore, though you can still view photos - I suspect that won't last for much longer though. I guess it is either go back to the old way, where only I can add photos, or find a new host. I haven't been especially happy with Photobucket lately. Let you know soon.

Update (February 2013) Alright, so the Gallery in Photobucket is no more. I have decided to move it to Flickr which should actually make it easier for everyone, and anyone, to contribute directly. Click the link below:

Now that you know what the Center Line Gallery is, you can jump to view the photos by clicking here.


  1. I am now on Part 4 of my Bike Tour of Claremont, thought you might be interested in some of my pictures :)

  2. Nice Jeremy. Needless to say I like the perspective of your tour.


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