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Slow Sunday Scenes from the Village: Especially Bikeable

Years pass, changes occur, more people come into the Village for its shopping and entertainment opportunities, traffic (perhaps) increases, yet Claremont remains an especially bike-able town. Whether riding for recreation, for health, up by the hills, riding through from east to west, in to the Sunday farmers' market to pick up a few things for the big game, or the week to come, or maybe combining multiple of those - the old "killing two birds with one stone" effect - you can do it here. 
Winter is not what it once was and so leaves are still falling from trees, no one was going to be catching a chill today, students were arriving back at the Colleges for the start of the next semester which is why, I suppose, it was a little more quiet around town this morning, the snow looked nice up on the peaks, but only Baldy was wearing a full mantle of white. The road racing season opened this weekend with the CBR #1 on the other side of metropolis, and next weekend the action move…

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