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Extra Miles: Laurel Canyon 1992 and the PET 2023

I'm not saying it was the same thing, but similar in some vague sort of way.  Maybe. Well, a flat was involved in both cases, and extra miles were required to be ridden as a result.  It was 1992, November 29th to be exact. A Sunday that year. Tom, Herb, Don and myself (just a bunch of Bicycle Doctor ride guys) set out from Griffith Park for a spin to the coast. We rode out Ventura Boulevard as far as Laurel Canyon - yes, that Ventura Boulevard, that Laurel Canyon - where we turned up and into the mountains. At the top, Mulholland Drive, we turned to the west, toward the big blue Pacific. We had only gone as far as Coldwater Canyon when Don suffered a flat... What? Don climbing? Yeah, sure. I mean it might not have been his favorite thing to do, but he'd do it to ride with the group. What? Front or rear? I don't remember, damnit, and anyway that is irrelevant to the story, which I am now going to get back to... So, yeah, Don flatted. Normally this would not have been a probl

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