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Two Wheel Tuesday: Bug Juice

"E'ry thing okay there?" 
Yea, sure. Should it not be?
"I don't know, just asking. Your arms look kind of green."
Oh, the bu....
From the other side: "Dude, your arms, nice green tone, but Saint Paddy's was a month ago."
Really? They look green? Hmmmm... Oh, it must be the bug juice. 
"Bug juice?" What's that? Some kind of sun screen? Kind of late in the day isn't it? I mean the sun set twenty minutes ago.
No, no, not sun screen. At least I don't think it has any such qualities. Bug juice!
The puzzled looks demanded an explanation, so: The bugs were thick tonight - medium size flying ones, itty-bitty little ones, even a few bigger ones Every few feet I would ride through another swarm They would get thickly trapped by my arm hair; I couldn't very well flick each one free while riding, that's just not practical, so you know... the easiest way to take care of the problem is to rub your gloved hand against your arm and, well…

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