Kickstart 'Why We Ride', For "The Deuce"...

Many of you who read this blog, will also know of Patrick Brady. Patrick is an author of books, contributor to various magazines, and chief of the Red Kite Prayer. Maybe you even went out and bought his last book after I mentioned it at the Claremont Cyclist. Knowing all that, you are probably also aware of the plight of he and his wife's newborn son Matthew, nicknamed "the Deuce" whose medical problems have combined into one heavy weight of bills. As a result, and in an attempt to help defray some of the costs of surgery, treatments, and hospital stay, Mr. Brady along with fine printer Norman Clayton, is hoping to offer a limited edition, fine printing of Patrick's writings.

You can read about the campaign to fund this project by clicking this link to Kickstarter. With thirteen days to go, the funding project has reached just beyond the half-way point. I suspect most people who contribute simply because it is the good thing to do, to help a fellow cyclist out of a tight spot. Maybe they will do it for "the Deuce", who's short life, though surrounded by a loving family, has been equally filled with hardship. If that is not enough, there are some fine perks as you will see when you click that link above.