Upcoming: Return of the Mt. Baldy Hillclimb...

I have no memory of it, and the last one may predate my entry into racing, but I have heard tales of a Mt Baldy Hill Climb Time Trial taking place in some distant time. Jax Bicycle Center and Back on Track Productions, has resurrected the monster as the Hotter N' Hell Hill Climb. In the grand tradition of Mt. Evans, Montjuic, Diablo and others of their ilk, it could be classic. But get on it - there is only a week to go. Click for more info.


  1. I can almost see the headline now: "Hillclimb victor conquers all on fixed-gear bicycle"

  2. The original baldy hillclimb started at the corner of 24th and euclid - next to the fire station. It is 12.6 mile route and only 2 riders ever broke 1 hour. I did in the early 80's as a rider and was the promoter of the event up until the early 90's. It is nice to see this epic climb come back into the racing scene.

    1. That is one complicated name you have there, Mr. P. We'll have to talk sometime about all this local cycling lore you possess.


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