Upcoming: Claremont Bike to / from Work Day...

Thursday, May 16 is Bike to/from Work Day in Claremont and, as usual for years past, will be celebrated with a "pit stop" out in front of the depot, on First Street, from 6:30 to 9:00 in the morning. Stop by on your way to work, or school, or home from the late shift. If you ride your bike, take the train or the bus, if you live so close that you can walk, join the crowd that gathers on this morning. Coffee and quick, good morning foods have been supplied by local businesses for previous Bike to Work Days, and I expect they will be again. There will be plenty of commuting information available, and people to talk with and answer questions. Bike to Work - a good start to the day.

Sorry, but just read that the pit stop has been cancelled for this year. Bummer, but you can still ride to work.