The Look of Spring...

Spring. You can feel and hear it in the air, see it on the hillsides, along the trails, beside the roadways. Over the past week I have done some riding at a couple of my favorite local go-to's - San Dimas Canyon, Bonelli Park, the San Gabriel River Trail. Spring was to be found at each of these places, showing off, tempting one and all to get outside, teasing all with a peek at her flash and color, a glimpse of what to expect over the next few weeks.

flowering trees become subjects of painters all over the place. you might also notice this artist's mode of transport

Indian Paintbrush in San Dimas Canyon

"...I love you for lulling me back into dreams
Of the blue Hhighland mountains and echoing streams,
And of birchen glades breathing their balm,
While the deer was seen glancing in sunshine remote,
And the deep mellow crush of the wood-pigeon's note
Made music that sweetened the calm..."

- Thomas Campbell, "Field Flowers"
from The Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell, 1900

cactus, Monkeyflower, grass, Indian Tree Tobacco at Bonelli Park

is that a sweet looking trail, cutting through the green, or not?

Spring brings out the color in the urban areas too.
overflowing bike racks during Spring Break at Seal Beach

i can't distinguish the call of oriole from sparrow but, though they are not as common here as the midwest, the notes of the red-winged blackbird are easy to recognize every time


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