SpookyCross 2012...

Just a few photos to serve as a place holder for this year's SpookyCross post, the first of two days of racing and frolicking around at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds.

action and reaction - racer and spectator

masters race leaders coming off the fly-over

overpriced beer at the fairplex? naw, couldn't be

bmx-style berms after the flyover. deal with it

the kid with the bill set himself up for the hand up at the trickiest part of the course; i can't tell you how many tried and failed to get that dollar, or didn't even attempt it (being focused on the next berm). finally though, we found a winner

this could have turned out ugly

that's what it is all about - cyclocross excitement

So, storage of all these race photos taken during the year is becoming ridiculously problematic. I took over 700 shots over the course of the day, and the vast majority of those I will only keep on dvd. Approximately 50 of the "better" ones can be seen by clicking here. I think this will become pretty standard for all races. If you were there, I probably have a photo of you; if you want it just send me a name, race number, description (team kit, bike), and I will see what I have then email you a copy.


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  2. Those bmx style whoops and berms were a great addition. I look forward to seeing more photos.



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