Monday Blues: Fuji Roubaix...

I have not seen anything to suggest that this 1995 Roubaix marking the 25th Anniversary was anything special, or out of the ordinary other than that little sticker on the seat tube. In fact I am not sure if the designation marks the anniversary of the model, or of Fuji America. But it sure is blue. If dated correctly, 1995 places this frame within a period of time in which Fuji manufacturing had shifted to Taiwan, and the bikes are less highly regarded than earlier Japanese manufactured frames. While there are numerous sites with information on Fuji company history, the period of the 1990s is rather vague, and I have seen little to nothing on this specific model. Maybe someone will chime in.


  1. I own this bike. It rides like freaking butter. Wish it was lugged.

  2. Lugs are nice, true. But a smooth riding bike is about as good as it gets.


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