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In order to accommodate yesterday's Monday Blues, this months From the Archives (normally posted on the first of each month) was moved to today.

I'm not sure who this Spago Team rider is, but he has apparently developed the ability to drink through his ear while racing at the 1992 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix. Spago had a quite strong domestic squad in 1992, which included the likes of Herbert Niederberger, Darren Baker, Scott McKinley, Nathan Dahlberg, Peter Gylling, Kenny Adams, James Urbonas, Bobby Julich, and John Brady. The directeur sportif for the team that year was Mike Neel, who was a member of the US Olympic team at the 1976 Montreal games, and took a 10th place finish at that year's World Championship Road Race. Another photo of a Spago Team rider, Kenny Adams racing against Steve Hegg, can be seen here.


  1. That is John MCkinley, the bar end shifter is a dead give a way.

  2. One of those little tell-tale signs. Awesome. Thanks.


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