Thursday, October 18, 2012

Charles McTaggart: The Passing of a SoCal Legend...

It was with regret that I received an email last night about the passing of Mr. Charles McTaggart (1936-2012). A long time cyclist of the streets and racing circuits of Southern California, Charlie McTaggart, originally from Scotland, passed away October 1 following a lengthy illness. Mr. McTaggart raced for many years with one of the grand old clubs of the region, the Pasadena Athletic Association. Charles McTaggart followed his passion well into his 70s, something I know many of us hope we will be able to do. Though our paths may have crossed at some point while I lived and raced in the area, or during the few years I too raced with PAA, I can't say that I was fortunate to know him; from what I have read Mr. McTaggart was loved and respected by many. 

a pair of Scots, Charles McTaggart and Bill MacGregor (I had incorrectly identified MacGregor as Greg Ibeas if you saw this post at an earlier date) at the Rose Bowl via Pasadena Athletic Association Cycling History blog

via Facebook

I post this with much respect to Charles McTaggart, his family and his friends.
Rest In Peace.


  1. I was fortunate to ride many miles with Charlie and to have him as a friend both on and off the bike. His spirit is with me now on every ride and I can still hear him yell "Close the gap!". We will miss you, you crazy Scot!

  2. The other Scottish fellow on the right in the top picture, with the sunglasses on, is actually my father, Bill MacGregor. Greg Ibeas was definitely a PAA member, and I'm pretty sure was at that race (1969 Rose Bowl?).

    1. MacRoadie, thanks for clearing up that mistake. Sounds like you have seen the photo before.

  3. Charlie was a friend of the family and he mentored me in the early days of my racing career. RIP.



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