the 2012 Summer End Grand Prix...

Yes, the Summer End GP; less than a handful more races until the end of the 2012 So Cal Road Racing season. Just photos and links this time around, no stories to go with them. I just feel kind of lazy. As usual clicking on the category link will take you to a Photobucket gallery of more (though I have limited the galleries to no more than 30 of the better ones each).

The Master's 50+ (1-4) (and yes, that means I didn't race):

The Women Cat 1-3, and if the gallery looks a little biased toward SC Velo/Empower Coaching, you are probably right - it's the closest thing I have to benefits for members. Truth be known, this was another one of those races dominated by SC Velo and Helens:

Master's 40+ (I took the opportunity to drop by the team
bbq during this race, so finish only):