Drifting Through the Summer Doldrums...

apparently I am not the only one adrift in the doldrums -
not a soul in sight along the entire length of the Santa Fe Dam, yesterday morning

So we have arrived at August with the best of intentions to not let the miles slip away. Yet inevitably that is exactly what happens year after year. Whether it is the combination of heat and monsoon humidity creeping over the mountains, vacation time before the start of school, an easing up after some mileage-filled months in early summer, or something I have not yet identified, no matter how much I want to keep things rolling, late July through August typically sees me rack up fewer miles. Case in point - the past few days - one ride between Wednesday to Sunday, and that a whopping 25 miles. Yesterdays was a planned 50 mile day (70 if I felt good); instead I barely broke 40 miles. How about the Wednesday Bud's Ride? I'll always plan on it, but somehow this time of year when 5:00 rolls around I manage to find an excuse to skip out more often than not. Heading out to race? Psycho-lists? Milly's Riders? Each of those three Sunday options are liable to be turned into a simple Slow Sunday to the Village, and that just leaves me with that guilty-for-not-doing-more feeling. Ah well, September will be here soon enough. August can be so much more, just stay focused and get back on track. And speaking of track, don't forget to get out to the Encino Velodrome on Wednesday evening for the next event in the Summer Race Series - the Predator Keirin Classic - I'll be there in the stands.