Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful that we can randomly run into friends while out on a last-minute morning ride. Not so thankful for the flats we got soon afterward, but thankful for a nice place to sit and fix one of those flats (and that there was at least one coffee place open nearby). Think of all you're thankful for on this day of Thanks, and have a terrific weekend! 

hmmm, i think they must have something to do with the Local Bikestand

at PET light standard #141 Tamera finally decided to take off billowing windbreaker. the wind was really picking up at this point and the thing was filled like a sail and slowing her down

there's the culprit; one of three

tables, coffee, baked goods and left-over students at city hall; not the first time i've changed a flat there

somehow this, at the Pomona College art studios, gives me an idea for an alternate tannenbaum this year