Monday Blues: No Good Way to Lock Your Bike...

Walking out to your bike and finding either of these situations would certainly ruin your day:

Let me point out a couple things wrong. It is never enough to simply lock the frame to a rack, especially if your bike's wheels attach with quick release skewers. The bike is worthless without wheels, right? Lock them too. Generally speaking (and it depends on the size of the lock) you only need one lock to do this. Park your bike, take the front wheel off and put it next to the rear wheel, then weave the lock through frame, and both wheels. Everything is as secure as it is going to be.

Though the wheels were the obvious fault with the lock-job in the first photo, I then noticed something in the photo above. Did you catch it? Does this look secure to you? There is no way to get those handlebars through the lock, so you might think yes, it's good. But no. A few quick turns from an Allen wrench and you can slide that stem right out of the steerer tube; a thief has himself a bike in a matter of seconds. Always put the lock through the frame triangle.

What can you say? A lock through the front wheel only is just no good way to lock your bike.