From the Library: LeMond, The Incredible Comeback of An American Hero...

I have always been a Greg LeMond fan, supporter, whatever. In part a generational thing, it was always Greg I could most identify with, though our cycling paths were no where near on a level. First, as the wonderkind junior racer, then as the reigning American on the international scene, as the champion "always starting over", his name stood out in the race recaps. Over the years, following his retirement, when people would drive by and yell out their car windows at me "Go, Lance, Go", I always felt the need to correct them. If you feel the need to compare me to anyone, try Greg LeMond. And so, it should be obvious that this book find its way into the Library.

The book ends with the signing of a 3-year, 5.5 million dollar contract to race with the French Z-Team. That happened in 1989, so there was still much more racing to come during LeMond's career; a few more years of physical effort, not to mention much that has taken place since. Call this the Incredible Comeback, Part One. There is no dearth of action, suspense and drama here, plenty to keep the attention of a fan of the sport, and of one of its most recognizable names. Follow LeMond's quick rise through the junior ranks, early pro years, challenging the hegemony of the European-dominated peloton, the near-fatal shooting, the first two Tour de France championships, and more. Any respectable library needs at least one Greg LeMond book on its shelves.

Abt, Samuel   LeMond: The Incredible Comeback of an American Hero   New York: Random House, 1990