From the Library: The Cycling Trivia Book...

1001 answers to 1001 questions means there is not a lot of detail, not a lot of depth. But then that is really not why you add a book like this to your library. It's just for fun. Want to know what halted production of the first weekly bicycle trade journal in 1870? This book will tell you. Want to know how many riders were on the 2006 Discovery Channel Pro Team, or what the initials G.C. stand for? This book will tell you. It will also inform you to tighten the topcap bolt before the steerer-tube clamp bolts on the stem when tightening a threadless headset! Hot Damn - maybe that's why I have so much trouble with those things! Anyway - trivia, cycling trivia, some obvious, others little known bits - the book is full of it. Maybe that's why books of this sort often spend their days within easy reach of the porcelain throne. It is quick reading, easy to digest, and will allow even your non-cycling friends and family to learn something of value.

This book is suitable for your general cycling nut who wants quick answers to all the little cycling things he, or she, never thought they should, or would need to, know.

Riedy, Mark   The Cycling Trivia Book: 1001 Questions from the Velocipede to Lance   Halcottsville, NY: Breakaway Books, 2008