Slow Sunday Scenes from the Village

Today was a fine day for an early morning visit to the Village, before the heat started to melt the treads again, before all the produce at the farmers' market shriveled and dried up like an old tube of rim glue, before all the riders were driven from the roads and into their air conditioned homes. Plus the Tour is on as I... oh, man there goes Gaviria down; well just one day in yellow then. Have to admit that I was a bit bummed not to be joining the many other riders in town - the riding part, I mean; the "in town" part I've got covered pretty well. Ah, well, tomorrow is a new week, another opportunity to get back on track.

when i first noticed this price tag at my feet i thought "five bucks for a little insurance against the intense sun. not bad." But then i realized all three digits were before the decimal point, and changed my mind to "that's some pricey cowpoke hat."

the Sunday morning spin

baskets are a good idea when visiting the farmers' market

bicycling: all ages welcome


ofo twins

sounds interesting

marking my!

passing through

done shopping

passing through fast