Happy Bud's Ride Everybody

I have been back to my night time ride routine, two to three times a week for about a month now. As soon as I get home, kit up and go - can't let anything distract me from that course, otherwise it would quickly put the kibosh on the plans. That would be no good for anyone, as I would be grumpy for the rest of the night. Well what with Daylight Savings Time starting, Tuesday last week, proved to be the final of those dark rides for the season and, as I got closer to Frog Hollow, I decided to stop for just a moment.

It has been a while, three years in fact, since I have heard the frogs down in their pit. If I remember correctly, the last time I heard them we were having a wet winter and that seemed to encourage them to do their little froggy thing. Multiply I mean. And while they were busy multiplying there was a lot of singing. They were loud; loud enough that I could hear them while riding past. It is how I knew they were down there, after all.

My guess has been that due to this winter's dryness there have been fewer of them, and that those few have been less vocal. Until I stopped at their doorstep, I told myself that is why I have not heard them this winter. Don't know if it is true, but it seems a reasonable assumption. Sure enough the chorus came to my ears, clear if not loud. I could swear I hear "Turn, turn, turn" - you know, the there is a season… song.

blown apart on the first lap: the Bud's Ride ascends the Via Verde hill during an evening last year

At the time, I didn't realize it would be the last dark ride of the season, that it would mark a transition. This week, all those seriously fast training rides that run during the months of longer days, kick off around the region. These are the ones that leave me struggling, and gasping, and questioning even on a good day. Like the Bud's Ride. Yes, that one gets going tomorrow (Wednesday) evening. I won't be making the start, and attempting to jump in with that bunch when they are in full flight, and I have not done a bit of warm-up, seems like a classic effort in futility. We will see, I would hate to miss opening day. Worst come to worse maybe I will just ride by the frog pit, let them sing me a lament.

If you are fortunate enough to make the start, or decide to jump in as the bunch screams up the road, ride hard and keep the skinny side down.