2014 San Dimas Stage Race, Stage Three

Monster Media riders control the front of the Masters 35+ race
for teammate and Yellow Jersey wearer, Phil Tinstman.

Bill Harris (BBI-SIC) leads the Masters 45+ race on his way to victory in the days race

Christopher Wyman (Pacific Premier Bank) charges up the finish straight during the Cat 3 race

Diego Binatena (SKLZ-Swamis Development Elite Team) wearing the Climbers Polka Dot Jersey leads the Cat 2 race around the third turn

Kit Recca (Horizon Organic / Einstein Brothers) charges up the homestretch during the Pro/1 race

Wearing the Yellow Jersey of race leader, Karol Ann Canuel (Specialized/Lululemon) races out of the saddle to defend her lead

No sugar-coating it, the Flickr link will not be up until Monday night at the earliest, Tuesday more likely. On top of that I am too tired to think of anything to write, so I am just going to leave you with the list of the 2014 General Classification Champions, congratulations to all. My thanks to the SDSR organization, SC Velo, all the volunteers, sponsors, and the of San Dimas - every year proves to be an entertaining and action packed three days.

Well then Monday night it is - 116 select photos are in the Stage Three Flickr set. Hope you like them, SDSR is such a great race to photograph. As you will see I really got into taking the panning shots as racers came around one turn or another.

Women Pro/1/2/3:
1st Karol Ann Canuel
2nd Tayler Wiles (Specialized / Lululemon)
3rd Amber Neben (FCS / Zngine p/b Mr. Restore)
4th Leah Kirchmann (Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)
5th Flavia Oliveira (Firefighters Uppsala CK)

Men Pro/1:
1st Clement Chevrier (Bissell Development Team)
2nd Coulton Hartrich (unattached)
3rd Daniel Eaton (Canyon Bicycles / Shimano)
4th Luis Amaran (Jamis Hagen Berman)
5th Serghei Tevetkov (Jelly Belly Cycling)

Masters 35+:
1st Philip Tinstman (Monster Media Racing Elite Masters)
2nd Tony Brady (Incycle Racing p/b Full Circle)
3rd Brandon Gritters (Team Rokform)
4th Marco Arocha (Team Rokform)
5th Chris McDonald (Monster Media Racing Elite Masters)

Cat 4:
1st Brian Washburn (TRU Cycling - Jax Bicycles)
2nd Jerry Rios
3rd Dean Hall (Team Baghouse / Rock n Road)
4th Eamon O'Reilly (SKLZ - Swami's Cycling Team)
5th Matthew Gevrikyan (Time / Velo Pasadena)

Cat 3:
1st Gage Hecht (NCCF / Team Specialized Juniors)
2nd William Thomas (TRU Cycling / Jax Bicycles)
3rd Ben Duncan (El Grupo Youth Cycling Club)
4th Chad Cheverier (Big Orange Cycling)
5th Alex Wild (Bear Development)

Cat 2:
1st Efren Flores (LUX Development Team)
2nd Diego Binatena (SKLZ - Swamis Development Elite Team)
3rd William Elliott (NCCH / p/b DEC Express)
4th Ian London (Primal / Audi Denver)
5th Sam Cerruti (Family Cycling Center)

Juniors 17-18:
1st David Lombardo (Hincapie Development Team)
2nd Eric Oien (Monster Media Junior Development Team)
3rd Andres Morales (MRI Endurance Elite Juniors)
4th Seth Veenbaas (Monster Media Junior Development Team)
5th Brian Stack (SPY Giant Ride p/b MRI Endurance)

Cat 5:
1st Danikel  Johnson (Team Rokform)
2nd Gabriel Estrada (Rock Sports Racing)
3rd James Walker 
4th Nik Bales (CrankBenders)
5th Jake Legge (LUX Development Team)

Masters 45+:
1st Jeff Konsmo (Hot Wheels Factory Team)
2nd Pasco Robert (Safeway / Pure Red)
3rd Greg Leibert (Big Orange Cycling)
4th Steve Klasna (Breakaway from Cancer)
5th Joseph Sulse (Bonk Breaker Cycling)

Masters 55+:
1st Kevin Susco (Marc Pro / Strava)
2nd Daniel Swietlik (OTR Racing)
3rd Gary Shuey (Swamis)
4th Richard Mull (Velo Club LaGrange)
5th Owen Thomas (Action Sports)

Juniors 15-16:
1st Christopher Blevins (Specialized NCCF)
2nd Daniel Willett (Monster Media Junior Development Team)
3rd Matteo Jorgenson (Boise Young Rider Development)
4th Grant McElroy (NCCF / Team Specialized Juniors)
5th Richard Holec