Wolfpack Hustle: The Forsyth Cup 2018, June

When last Saturday passed through at the end of the week it carried with it the second round of the Wolfpack Hustle Forsyth Cup, camping out at Encino Velodrome for a late afternoon and evening of racing.

For all the beauty and international standing of its indoor cousin over the mountains in Carson, there is just something appealing about the velodrome in Encino. Sure it can be brutally hot during the summer out in the Valley, but as the day begins to transform into evening and then night, that cool breeze creeps in from the coast, riding downhill through the canyons of the Santa Monicas, the sky lights up in its show of color, cascading from directly overhead to the distant horizon, you begin to realize the uniqueness, the timelessness, all the things that make it, have made the track, special over the decades.

I wish I could bring you some results from the racing which, by the way, was really good, but I can't find them on the i-net, nor did I have pen and paper with me with which to record in the old-fashioned way. The Wolfpack Hustle's Forsyth Cup is a five race series this summer with one taking place each month between May and September; the next being July 7th. There have been (and may be again) complimentary hot dogs grilling at the Forsyth Grill; there is music, and with the encouragement of the announcers, and the SWAT supporters in the stands, the seated spectators can be roused into raucousness, especially when each race comes to its fast paced finale; will Hector hang on, or will he ultimately be chased down by the relentless chase? Come out next month and see for yourself. Don't want to wait that long? Keep in mind that this weekend, on the morning of 10 June, the velodrome will be hosting the third and final day of this years' Encino Inferno series.

The race album, found here, contains a selection of one hundred nine photos.

race hard so that guy, right there, can get a good photo

the Encino Crawl leaves time to smile

round of applause for the racers