Where Will I Go Now?

"No! This can't be," I yelled out loud. It was lunch hour at the office and, luckily, most people were out. Those who remained however, jumped, raised their heads over their cubicle walls, and even ran over to see for themselves what the distress was all about. Understandably, most thought I was crying in disbelief at those who still support Trumple-Thin-Skin, even after all the death and destruction his actions, during just his first few days as someone's president, will surely bring down on all our heads. But that wasn't it.

Imagine their shock, then, to discover that my distress related to something as insignificant (to them, not me, obviously) as the shuttering of a bike-shop's doors. What they failed to realize is that this was not just any bikeshop, it was my LBS - MY LBS. I have bought bikes there for the mrs., for the son, and for myself. I have built and outfitted bikes from the frame up at that shop. I have outfitted myself with the shops kit. I have done their rides (less frequently than I would have liked) and even raced with them as my racing years sputtered to a close.

That sort of stuff you can do at any shop, you know? What made this shop special, transformed it into my Local Bike Shop had nothing to do with the stuff found enclosed within the walls and roof. Only people can make a shop more than a simple collection of things, and this shop has been full of good people who I came to like, people who I came to trust when my own efforts at maintenance, or building, did not quite live up to expectations. You may recall the varied problems I encountered when building up the Hakkalugi, and how the staff helped me overcome those obstacles. 

My initial thought was where am I going to go now for all that stuff, where am I going to get my kit. It was so convenient to hop on the bike, and in a few minutes, walk through the doors to pick up whatever little thing I needed. Then I thought of all the rides, the classes and community events they sponsor, or have sponsored over the years, all the teams, clubs and riders' groups they have supported over those same years - 80 plus years. And, of course, I thought of all the people I have come to like and trust.

Thanks Corey, Coates, and everyone for all the help and good times you have contributed to over the past many years. Support your local bike shop while you have one.