Looks Like Crow's Back on the Menu, Boys

Because of the old nursery rhyme I know that four and twenty blackbirds make for a pretty good pie. I am not so sure about crow.

I made a comment the other day, in that GMR Clean-Up post, in which I specifically called out drivers for the deposits of trash alongside our roads in general, and that one road in particular. Well. Those energy bar wrappers and 700 x 21 tubes don't decorate the verge due of the actions of drivers. At this point in the debate, I considered arguing percentages, but the truth is, one Gu wrapper is all it takes; the blame must be shared.

Of course that only accounts for half the crow on tonights dinner table. The rest comes from a failure to realize that drivers may, and many times do, have the same concerns as we riders.

I decided to check out the list of people "interested" in, or "going" to the clean up. What I quickly noticed rounded out the menu, the remainder of the crow. Yes, a goodly percentage (I won't go so far as to say half, but still, many) of those respondents, judging by their avatars, are drivers, specifically, I guess, drivers who use GMR. Apparently word has made it to them, and they are stepping up. I am still not going to appreciate the sound of revving engines approaching from behind, or up ahead, but I can certainly appreciate this helping hand.

Probably because I know Michael, the clean-up organizer, first as a cyclist, I assumed this was going to be a cyclists' endeavor. Instead, a broad coalition seems to have formed, one composed of cyclists, drivers, bikers, at least one equestrian, and probably some walkers/hikers/runners as well. This may be the most satisfying revelation of all - the coming together of a diverse group of people, with a single goal for the benefit of a single space used by all.

While I don't want to make a habit of it, eating crow never tasted so good.