This Bud's For You, 27 June

"Those two are moving fast, but are they..." This was not the first time a couple riders far ahead of the Bud's Ride bunch caused some confusion over whether they were contesting the sprint. Or not. If you have ever read a book about the Tour de France you may recall instances in which the race moves exceedingly quick, so fast that the group arrives at the finish well ahead of schedule and there is no one on hand to see the sprint. The town fathers, and town mothers, are put off, pissed that they shelled out all that money to host a finish which turned out to be a bust. Not quite the same as this, I suppose, but the same result - no photo of the two who arrived at the line first (and second). The sprint for fifth was a good one though. So this time, fifth place finisher, This Bud's for You.