Cross Town Loop: Good Too

It was good to get that first Cross Town Loop of the season under my wheels. It was good to see various people out on the road; it was good to see John, it was good to see Steven. It was good to see someone in the Village, someone who called my name and gave the "how" sign. Unfortunately I was focused on the car with its back up lights on, and then looking back and over the rim of my glasses all I could make out was three blurry people. Hope you noticed my head nod; I tried to make it emphatic. It was good to see those yellow bikes scattered all around the campuses, it just wouldn't be right if they were all clustered in one spot. It was good that I figured out why it suddenly became difficult to pedal; though I still don't know what caused the rear brake to jam hard against the rim.

It was a evening of good things. I hope I can get one more before the "big" storm arrives.