They didn't believe me, or at least not my interpretation of events. "Those geese" I said, "did you hear them?" Loud and insistent, full of conviction, rousing the rabble type stuff - "You got it! You got it! You got it!" The man didn't say a word, but he had this all knowing look in his eyes. I think he might have been a little touched in the head tooooo, oh, no, no, wait a minute. Forget that part, he wasn't important to the story, so lets just move on.

Of the two women with him one silently crossed herself, the other muttered "dios mio ayudame" though loud enough for me to hear, and then followed that with, in even louder tones, "pobrecito" as I embarrassingly, and much more quickly now, pedaled away.

I was into my third lap (I have been trying to increase my mileage whenever I swing onto the mtb, hence the multiple  five to six mile loops on Friday afternoons, after work), and was a little leg weary on this particular day. It was just a little rise in the trail, one at which I would normally punch the pedals to get up quickly. This time, though, I was only doing enough to top out on will power, rather than muscle - slowly, in other words. To those geese by the lake it must have look like a struggle, one that the trail could have reigned supreme, thus their loud encouragements.

Anyway, whether you are racing at Southridge, at the Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium, out in Palm Spings, or just taking it easy around the neighborhood, have a great weekend.