Boyz and Girlz of da RAP

What if another option presented itself? One that sounded like it might be even better than the one you were already pursuing; would you take it? Luckily the option never became a viable one, though when Michael D showed up at Grizzby's saying he was going to do some gravel riding instead of the Ride Around Pomona, it would have been a tempting change of plans.

As for the RAP, with no pre-ride plan in hand an improvised one was settled upon - a visit to a new fabric mural at the Pomona Valley Hospital, and a new little community park (rather dismaying to see how poorly it has fared after only two weeks. That said, a family who came by were very appreciative of the city's efforts in providing it). Of course, in between those stops and the Mi Cafecito finale, was plenty of riding around Pomona which, honestly, can be just as interesting. Ride Around Pomona - first Saturday of each month.