Happy Thanksgiving

A little ditty from 1893 - "On a Tandem" - found during research for Fast Digs, by a poet only identified as Wheel:

"The hillside blazed in red and gold;
The fields had burned to umber;
The air was crisp, nor yet too cold,
As down a winding way I bowled
With Jennie on a Humber.

Sweet Jennie, with her chestnut hair,
Her roguish eyes and laughter;
How proud was I that she was fair;
How glad was I to see her there,
And know that none came after!

Oh, dream of happy days gone by!
We spoke of autumn sadly;
And when I seemed to hear her sigh
I lisped her name, I know not why '
Somehow she pedaled badly.

I lisped her name, and growing bold -
No wonder she grew sober,
Or that the wheels so slowly rolled
Along the sunlit, leaf strewn mold
This rare day in October.

I lisped her name and bending low - 
While pedals turned at random -
Till check touched cheek - I - but you know -
Of course 'twas wrong to treat her so,
Sweet Jennie on a tandem."

I guess it would have been asking too much for turkeys on a tandem, but in the end I must admit, bassets are cuter than turkeys, so may make for better art (Basset Hound Tandem, by FabFunky, for sale on Etsy.) Anyway...

Some friends have already got the weekend riding off to a good start with a ride up Highway 39 today - one of the perks of being an educator - extra days off. I will settle (and hopefully you can as well) for a long weekend, with a goal of four rides in four days. Be thankful for what you've got. Happy Thanksgiving y'all, see you out on the roads and trails.