Up the Road: Plain Wrap Papers

Two to mark on the calendar.

First up (June 3rd) is the Paper Route Ride. The Paper Route Ride is a new ride for this year, though the its goal of benefiting local cyclists is an old tradition. Para-cycling champions Samantha Bosco and Jenna Rollman, two of the regions' favorite athletes, have their eyes set on the next Olympic Games. As you may already know Samantha is a multi-medalist at last years Olympics in Brazil, while Jenna within the past month swooped up multiple medals at the Para-cycling National Championships. It is a long haul to get through the next three years and qualify for Tokyo, but if anyone can do it, these two can, and the Paper Route Ride is one way you and I can help.

A couple weeks later is the Plain Wrap Ride, which is moving out to Redlands for this years' edition. As usual, proceeds from the event will go to various Inland Empire bicyclist support and advocacy groups. Check the link for all relevant information and route descriptions.