Two Wheel Tuesday: Two for the Show, or Bugs the Word

You can believe that in 1978 I had the word "Kansas" written in some sort of fancy script on my pee-chee folder. Kansas was a favorite group, not just for their well-known hits, but for others such as "Cheyenne Anthem" as well. "Two for the Show" was the name of their live album released in 1978, and has no connection to anything being written here really, except that there being only two of us mtb'rs last night, Two for the Show is what popped into my head.

That said, most of my thought process was focused on the necessity of keeping my mouth closed, denying those hoards of flies their sure shot at suicide. Good gawd, I have never seen so many swarms; sections of dirt were actually black with them. Right around sunset the flies were joined by those big, slow-flying sceeter-eater things, and probably some bees late to get back to the hive. Crawling along the ground were beetles and caterpillers, and who knows what else. Probably why the skunks were so active last night. One quickly turned his back on me, but must have decided I wasn't a threat, so let me ride by.

Fortunately, for me, Janet returned to the ride just in time. Sharing lead-out duties, she distracted enough of those flying bugs, that I still had an appetite for the post ride tamales once we made it back to the La Verne Brewing Company. If you have never, but have wanted, to give mountain biking a try, Janet leads beginner rides with Girlz Gone Riding (GGR) - the Inland Empire's beginner rides take place at Bonelli Park the first Saturday of each month - women only.

the gathering

kind of like a roadie fellowship circle

been working on perfecting my ability to ride with eyes closed

up the switchbacks