Two Wheel Tuesday: Pretty Good Bike Rack

If I am feeling especially intellectual I sometimes know what to write before the ride even starts. If I am lucky whatever photos I might take, or an incident during the ride, will provide the necessary inspiration. Then there are the times when nothing will help.

Did you know the bike is a miracle machine? You can be sick as a dog (however sick a dog is), but get on a bike and everything is fine. This used to be a commonly held belief, and I can only assume it still is. I can remember discussing this with compatriots back in the day. Aches and pains, head congestion, all those symptoms disappear once the pedals begin their turning. We only say this in half jest, because the empirical data, our on-the-bike experience tells us it is true. Of course what happens after the ride may be another matter. Things could get better, Things could relapse. Things could get worse. I don't know what these things have to do with my back, but my back has been bothering me lately - I blame it on the 160 pound mark, too much sitting at work, and an early season increase in miles before fitness has reached a stable balance. I have my theories. Anyway, and case in point, that back pain, is only when off-the-bike, once in the saddle it is gone. Bent over drops, or bumping over rocks and ruts on knobbies, it is all good, it is all better. Apparently what I need to do is convince the boss that investing at a nice resistance trainer, or even rollers perhaps, is in my, and thus his, best interest.

You know, after promising a number of years ago that they would be bringing a bike rack to their doors, CCA did so. I started thinking, LVBC needs to do the same (hear that new owners). But then I looked over the photos from last nights ride, and there was Ed, making his own, pretty good, bike rack (even better rider); clearly he is ahead of me with these thoughts.

Alright, enough randomness for now, on with the sunset photos:

Gary Fischer arrives - the bike, not the man.