Side Dish

It is not that the trail is new per se, it clearly has been trod by foot and, perhaps, bike wheel for some time; it is just that I had never chosen to go off script and follow at the point where it merges with my regular loop. I don't even remember when I first noticed it, but truth is, it never entered my though process, nor even my normal field of vision. At this point in the Loop, there was never any alternate way, no side-dish to add to the entree. I guess the difference this time was the contrast - the tan of the dirt trail surface heading up the shallow canyon, bordered by the Spring green making it stand out.

Up I followed to a point where the trail crosses a little stream. From that point it appears to continue to some upper plateau at the RV park (I have never been able to call that place a campground). Checking G Earth later, I changed my opinion, believing now that it may terminate at hot tub hill. Unless someone chimes in with their knowledge, it will have to remain a mystery until next time.

Have, lately, brought upper beeline back into the mix for some extra climbing

the yellow wall. there is a bike in there somewhere

a sprig caught between pedal and shoe

stream and crossing on the "new" trail