Apparently there has been an influx of funds for Bonelli and there have been numerous recent "improvements" to make the park more "user friendly," things like signs, new gates, and a whole flotilla of yellow personal watercraft waiting, I assume, to be rented. Bonelli, as you may know, is the proposed site for the Olympic mountain bike races in 2024, and I wonder if there is some kind of far-sighted tie-in going on. Anyway, when these signs first appeared, I thought "cool", but now they are popping up all over and I am thinking "sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind.

I never get tired of that view

think I finally figured out what those switchbacks are about; the whole hillside around there has been planted with youngling trees. the closest one to my passing wheels appeared to be an oak, but there should be a variety. More of those improvements, perhaps?

another sign - this one, I believe, denoting preparation of a triathlon this weekend

still down and blocking the trail along Puddingstone. we could use a little improvement here, guys

another view I never get tired of

thanks for the photo, Rocky. That is exactly how I felt - done in. Nothing like a nice day to remind you how little riding you have done over the preceding weeks of less-than-nice days. On the other hand these past couple warm sunny days have done wonders for the roads and trails, the mud mostly dried up. Have a terrific weekend, and make some time to ride.