Fast Digs Update: Filming The Six-Day Bike Rider

If you recall reading in Fast Digs, Los Angeles played host to two Six Day Races in 1934, the second of which was held at the Winter Garden in July. At the end of that competition, and before the track was dismantled, the racers gathered to film "Six-Day Bike Rider." During the filming there was a terrific collision between the motorcycle cameraman and many of the riders. The motorcycle driver, champion racer Dave Landry (identified with the number 1 in the photo), fared the worst. Others injured during the crash are identified with numbers as well, and include: 2- Elmer Dyer, 3- Niel Davidson, 4- Lou Rush, 5- Eddie Testa, and 6- Pete Hagopian.

"The Six-Day Bike Rider" is not your typical race film. The main character, was played by comedian Joe E. Brown (middle of the photo, in dark jersey, to the right of #4, Lou Rush) giving you an idea of the thematic background to the movie. If you are interested, "Six-Day Bike Rider" can be watched (in parts) by searching the title on YouTube. It is kind of fun, standard '30s comedy. You can watch the film in parts at YouTube, might be able to see the whole thing other places (Turner Classic Movies), and even purchase a dvd (Zeus).

The 1934 photo was contributed to the Calisphere by the Los Angeles Public Library, Herald Examiner Collection.