Thinking Man's Game

The week between Christmas and New Years was the pits. I don't mean that it was a bad week in general, there were trips and visits to places I don't typically visit very often, but as far as riding was concerned, the week was a big old pot hole in the lane, with no safe way around. One ride the entire seven + days. The enthusiasm just was not there for more. It is Tuesday now, and riding on Tuesday is a sure bet. Only this Tuesday it is not. The enthusiasm is just not there. The wavering started during the day, like plucking petals from a rose - I love it, I love it not, I love it... Next came the thinking, the calculating  - the cold, the dark, a warm house, the son still home for the holidays - these things were arrayed on one side of the game board, the things telling me to relax on the couch, it is comfy after all, talk with the son, fetch with the dog; and the television is so mesmerizing. On the other side of the board was that single ride in seven days, and right next to it the lowest mileage year ever, looking flat and lifeless. Also on that side, waiting in the wings - the specter of multiple rain days forecast for the week ahead. Those things telling me to get out. Now. One side moved forward in attack mode, the other side countered. A clash of swords, push and shove, feint, flank and ambush.

Okay, so if I don't ride tonight, and if the rain does not arrive until late Wednesday, what are the chances I really go out after work? Is the chance great enought to make skipping the Tuesday ride worth it? Will Friday really be a dry day between storms? If so, can I really skip both Tuesday and Wednesday, pinning all hope on Friday? Just how many days can I opt out before I go nuts from lack of riding, before legs atrophy, before the next ride, whenever it is, becomes a struggle for muscle, heart, lungs, before the brain forgets the dedication it takes to ride fifty on the road, twenty on the dirt.

Sometimes the winter games are not about winning sprints, KOMs, or even little digital medals. Sometimes victory counts just by getting out.

debating the games next move