Seen While Riding the Cross Town Loop

You can't see it along the Powerline section of the Loop

but you can see it, a little, along the Thompson Creek Trail; I kid you not, there may have been more people were walking, running, riding in the mud beside the Thompson Creek Trail than were on the paved path, causing me to wonder why pave at all?

It is odd, isn't it, going for so long with all the visual evidence pointing to a lack of water, and then to suddenly see problems associated with too much water - the roots of this poor pepper tree couldn't take it any more.

I have often wondered why the Thompson Creek Trail was never extended beyond Towne, under Baseline, under the I-210 to this locked gate - a natural off-street corridor linking the residential area with the mountains/CHWP.

Today was supposed to be the final pop-up donut shop before the Claremont grand opening. Original plans today did not included riding over to Pappas Artisanal yet I, like many, have been feeling the lack of riding time and was more than willing to make a little detour from the standard Loop.

A nice sky backdrop to the sign this morning.