Cycling La Verne: Repair Stand Jealousy

I had wished this could have been a Cycling Claremont post, but it isn't, and because of that...

I'm jealous. I thought Claremont was ahead of the bike infrastructure curve - the bike lanes, past Safe Routes to School programs, bike racks, Christmas time bike giveaways, LAB honors, etc, and in all those many ways the city is deservedly high up on any list of bike-friendly municipalities. Of course it is not a competition to see which city can out-infrastructure the others, we all ride between one and another with no regard for boundaries, and thus what happens in one is a boon to all. This morning La Verne took an affirmative step on the path of bike-friendliness by dedicating a new bicycle repair station at Oak Mesa Park.

The new station, donated by SC Velo, makes the third such to be installed within the city limits (the other two being located at Damian HS, and at the University of La Verne). In this regard, Claremont has "fallen behind." Yes there is one similar station at the Pitzer College Green Bike Program studio / shop, but I think the city could do better. If you ask me the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park (CHWP) entry, right at the bike racks, would be an excellent place for one. When I mentioned this to one of La Verne's most bike-friendly residents, his response was "no, no, this is our one step up on Claremont." Said in jest, of course. I think.

Anyway this morning's dedication ceremony was well deserved recognition of the positive direction the city is taking to make its streets more bike-friendly. That so many of the local cycling community turned out to show our support and appreciation was especially significant with mayor Don Kendrick, and Council Member Robin Carder leading the dedication. It was further indication that the cycling community is watching ,and willing to actively participate, in order to get things done.

A big shout out to SC Velo, and all who worked to get this done. A related shout out to Richard Mayo, who who led the Cycling Connection ride to Oak Mesa for the dedication, and presented a big check to the SC Velo Junior Racing Team on behalf of the Tour de Foothills and the Upland Chamber of Commerce. If you ever wanted any evidence that we are all in this together, it could be found at Oak Mesa Park this morning.

For more photos, go to the Claremont Cyclist on Facebook. If you know of a community, a college, a shopping center or, wow, virtually anywhere really, that might be interested in something like this you can find information at the Bikefixation by Saris website. Click around the site for additional information such as an "about" page referencing the tools and how to use them.


Mayor Kendrick with the ceremonial scissors at the ready

never realized that reindeer had such colorful feet