A Sunday Cross Town Loop: With Psycho-lists and Donuts

The question was, and remains, did the Psycho-lists actually ride up San Dimas Canyon before heading back to the Village for donuts, or did they simply make a bee-line for the Cheese Cave where the soon-to-be-open Grizzly's Biscuits and Donuts were stoking the fires of desire by handing out a sampling of their sweet fare? It is a question that remains, because it is a question that went unanswered. It is a question that went unanswered, because it was a question that went unasked. 

I thought it would be kind of rude.

And any way, I already knew the answer. If there is anything the Psycho-lists like more than fresh, warm donuts (and especially when the business making them is a local favorite) it is riding bikes.

As for yours truly, my lazy a** wouldn't get out the door in time to join, though it had been the plan the night before. Then again, I couldn't settle for the bee-line on such a nice day either, and so it became a day for the Cross Town Loop where I startled a jogger on Powerline, saw a bunch of downhillers readying themselves for Webb, saw Santa in an inflatable chair, grudgingly accepted a bite of chocolate cake donut, startled a runner at the Farm, and pondered some student art (least way I think it was art - it may have been part of some performance since a note on a chalkboard made reference to a 7:30 performance start time. Although since most of the other things written on the chalkboard had to do with various pieces of male and female anatomy it must have been some kind of performance). Anyway, and moving on...

a fine-looking back of head, mind you, but I hadn't really intended it to be the focus

Grizzly chef talking donuts

hmmm, sometimes when I look at art I require an explaination