Peek-a-Boo, Randomly Seen While Riding This Morning...

This is a tiny little building in the Village, right next to the Jax bike shop. The restoration / refurbishing work looks to be nearly finished and I am looking forward to the grand opening. Last I read, the soon-to-be-open business was supposed to be a kind of custom taco joint; I wonder if it still is? Anyway, though the building is small, it has a fantastic patio area in the back, shaded by some big trees. Take a peek over the fence and you will notice an old amusement park ride rocket ship, suspended airborne, above the picnic tables - looks like it will be a fun place for a quick bite to eat. Update: Just as I wrote this I find an article in the Claremont  Courier so, Petiscos is set to open on June 3rd. See you there.

All lined up, but no where to go. A little too much peek a-boo perhaps, I didn't notice any takers lined up for these not-normally porta-potties.