GMR Friday: One on One (And Adam Hansen Too)...

one little puddle remained at the top of GMR from the rain
earlier in the week. i had to ride through it

One on One, in the end it is always that way - just you against the mountain. Today One on One meant something else though, as Phil was leading a group of One on One Financial (and Psycho-list) riders down as I was on my way up. That worked out well; it was while riding along the flat lower section, about the lower end of Monroe Truck Trail that he came by, turned around, and rode back up a ways with me. The rest of his group flashed some quizzical looks as they passed by in dribs and drabs - those "WTH, you're going back up" looks. Finally the bus, the final rider came by, Phil turned back downhill, and I soloed up the rest of the way.

Great day to be up there - a real sweat day (should be hot for the start of the ATOC this weekend), in fact the sweat dripping from the brim of my cycling cap had a nice unhealthy golden tint to it. And then I remembered that that same cap was disgustingly dirty and in need of a good wash. And speaking of the Amgen Tour of California, I will present my list of favorites in a post tomorrow. 

Finally, and though it is definitely deserving of its own post I am simply going to throw it in at the end here, cheers to Adam Hansen for "uncorking a big one" during today's seventh stage of the Giro d'Italia. With a terrific display of strength, effort and drive, Hansen rode away from his fellow breakaway companions to win solo after a 177 km long day. Finishing on treacherous roads made slick from rain, which caused crash after crash amongst the chasers, the win is the biggest of Hansen's career. If I may borrow some slang from his home country, Good on ya, mate. A well deserved win after a fine display of riding.

AP photo