Giro Stage 6: Played to Perfection...

Rarely lately have I seen a sprint finale work so fluidly for the winning rider and team. As Mark Cavendish moved around his final lead-out man the final result was without doubt, and as at the end of stage one, the following riders could only slam their fists against their bars in frustration. 

Cavendish's bit afterward saying that, "It's like having a kit car; when you put it all together it just works. I'm just the last bit ... the bit that makes the most noise" was almost as good as the win. The most noise indeed. Long a fearsome sprinter, Cav has also developed into quite the class act as well, as he dedicated the win to the memory of Wouter Weylandt who, as you will know, lost his life two years ago to the day as the result of a crash during the 2011 Giro.