From the Library: Mountain Biking California's Central Coast Best 100 Trails...

Have I got guidebooks? You bet your sweet patootie, I have guidebooks. 

Buying guidebooks, whether they be for biking or hiking, have always been tricky propositions for me. I fully intend to use them but, like best laid plans, things don't always work out in expected ways. This is one book for trails that are located relatively close to home, and thus it is one I have consulted while planing for biking trips. Each of the 100 rides includes a very basic map, with reference to the more detailed topo (not included), mileage and elevation gain, water availability, difficulty rating, and optimal seasons to ride. Each ride also includes a general trail description, as well as information on how to get there. Online forums have become great disseminators of knowledge for people looking for new trails to ride in realms distant from home. Even so, books such as this one, remain invaluable tools for anyone interested in maximizing their riding time as they plan for a quick weekend, or long weekend, away from home. If a book leads you to several hours of quality riding, I would say it is well worth the price.

Fragnoli, Delaine   Mountain Biking California's Central Coast Best 100 Trails: Big Sur to Point Mugu   Small Meadow, CA: Mountain Biking Press, 1999