From the Library: Mountain Biking South Lake Tahoe's Best Trails...

Doesn't everyone have a dream of opening the front door any day of the week, and immediately riding off into some of the most fantastically scenic country this side of paradise? Sure you do. This book won't quite get you to that point, but it will help you sort through the abundance of trail options when you do get there. The trail descriptions are on the minimal side, and the photographs of bikes and riders doing their thing together are clearly dated but, I count something like 64 separate routes from which to select, and that's not bad at all.

Keep in mind that many of these are actually outside the Tahoe Basin, some as far away as Markleeville, Georgetown, and Highway 88 to the south. Since most of us will never be able to ride any of these trails from our front doors, guidebooks such as this can help us maximize our riding time during those all too brief periodic summer forays.

Bonser, Carol and R. W. Miskimins   Mountain Biking South Lake Tahoe's Best Trails   Anacortes, WA: Fine Edge Productions LLC, 2001