From the Library: Mountain Bike! Southern California...

Of the various guidebooks in the library, this one has received the most attention. I guess since the trails it contains are more local that would make it a given. However there is more to it. If I hear, or read, about a trail from some other source, I will often seek out information on the route in this book as confirmation, second opinion. I consider the ride descriptions and other relevant trail information to be invaluable, even after twelve years on the shelf.

The book lists 101 trails spread around the southern state area, from San Diego north to Santa Barbara and the Central Coast, across to Sequoia National Forest, the Eastern Sierra and Owens Valley. The term "classic trails" in the subtitle is no misnomer - if your mountain biking experience has been spread over years, you will no doubt have heard about most of these trails, probably ridden a goodly number of them.

Valuable for riders looking to expand their trail repertoire beyond the hyper-local dirt, for those with a "bucket list" of rides they want to check off, and for non-locals in state with limited time to ride who want assistance seeking out that iconic Southern California trail.

Story, David, Laurie Leman, and Chris Leman   Mountain Bike! Southern California: A Guide to the Classic Trails   Birmingham, AL: Menasha Ridge Press, 2001


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