From the Library: Bobke II...

Bob Roll has been around the world of cycling for long enough to have picked up a thing or two (thousand) worth sharing. First as a racer with teams like 7-Eleven, Motorola, and Z, then behind the microphone as a commentator, his knack for stringing words together is almost as legendary as the hard-work ethic he earned and exhibited while on the bike.

With chapter titles like "The Day the Big Men Cried", "Lost in the Jemez", and "Living in a Lactic-acid Crippling Haze", (among others) it is a sure bet there are bound to be some entertaining reminiscences of life and adventure in the pro peloton. For a fan of the sport, or of the Bobke style.

Roll, Bob   Bobke II   Boulder, CO: Velo Press, 2003