US Cup Day 2: Your Shamrocks Are Showing...

Day 2 of the US Cup at Bonelli Park. Yesterday, the Category 1 racers along with the professionals got to have their day on the XC course, and then Super D. Today, the Cat 2's and 3's had their shot in the morning on that same course, before the action turned back to the Cat 1's and pros for the Short Track. That Short Track is pretty much just flat out for the whole time. I wasn't really intending to ride out to the park again today, but since I slept in beyond the start of my normal Sunday options, it turned out to be the best thing to do. Anyway, beside the few below, another fifty-two photos are here. Slainte!

Jesse Zarate

Tyler Perry

what better way to say, Happy St. Padraig's Day

racing done, shoes off

Cat 1 short track - Ty Kady

Lea Davison races ahead of Emily Batty in the pro women's short track