Season of Color...

Which ever way you turn your head these days, the hills, the mountainsides, canyon bottoms are awakening from winter slumber. The brown covering is being shaken out, and a more colorful robe is being donned. A few days ago I shared the mustard shrouded hills of Bonelli, but bright yellow is not the only color to be seen, and soon enough I expect there shall be quite a show of purples, reds, blue, and even more varieties of yellow. And don't forget the green. Hit the trails and see how many hues and shades you can spot.

the Lower Bee Hive Trail

dark red-orange Monkey Flower is growing in a few select north-facing spots - above is the only patch I have seen so far, but there will be more soon

cactus may be the most visibly prevalent plant at Bonelli, but in this case, its hegemony is being challenged by a rapidly spreading wild cucumber vine, or manroot (Marah macrocarpa)

not sure if there is more green, or yellow, on the hills