Friday Feedbag & Quotable Links...

"But as we look for alternative solutions to our current transport woes, cycling is suddenly looking like a pretty smart option. Rather than just a fad, I'd argue that today's boom will be sticking about for a while."

"Instead of razing old buildings and constructing bigger roads, the city council began taking proactive measures to reduce traffic."

"We're probably closer to the end of the automobility era than we are to its beginning."

It is likely you have already seen this one which was written in the wake of the Ivan Aguilar tragedy at Cal Poly Pomona, but in case you have not, you should: "The safety and accessibility of campus for bicyclists barely registers in their minds."

Finally, of all the photos that have been posted up on the internet from the climb/walk up of the Muro Sant' Elpidio during Tirreno-Adriatico, this one best shows the brutal 27% slope gradient. Just look how the roadway quickly falls away.

i saw this first on Tumblr, but it was originally published (i believe) at RoadCyclingUK
where you can see additional, similar photos of the climb