Fields of Mustard & Paths of Travel: Bonelli Park...

There is going to be a great crop of mustard on the Bonelli hillsides this year (already is actually), but there is even more on the way. No thrill of racing along a near-hidden path, slapped silly by head-high blooms though: In some past years, along trails leading off from the main dirt roads, the mustard has grown head high, right in against your track, and narrowing the trail to just a handlebar-width path. The mustard along these sections has been cut back, and there are no signs that it will be growing in either high or tight.

"Watch your line, Sommers" is one of the most notable lines in a film full of notable lines. Look at the photo below, one of the nice wide dirt roads through the hills; I bet you can make out where everyone rides (and runs). That narrow ribbon along the left side of the road is the preferred path of travel. In this case, "watch your line" takes on a different meaning. Of course it makes sense, especially when grinding along, heading uphill, you will naturally select the smoothest line. Each of those rocks dotting the rest of the roadway will fractionally detract from your momentum. Add them all together, and you will work at least twice as hard riding that nice wide part of the road, as you would riding the narrow ribbon. Picking your line, carries much more meaning riding the dirt than it does when rolling along on pavement.

And how about that sky? 5:30, 6:00 and there is still some light to it. Won't be long now - longer days mean longer rides.