Upcoming: Governors Ball...

If you do any mountain biking in the Southern California region, it is likely that you have run into (hopefully not literally) a person belonging, or at least a reference, to the So Cal Trail Riders. It is not a club, it is not a team; it is a simple forum, a way for people to get together and do what they love - ride in the dirt, along the fire roads and trails of Southern California. Not only is the forum a great source of where to ride information, but it is also a valuable source of technical / bike repair info as well. I have been on the forum since 2006, far from one of the first, but old enough that I can use the phrase "been around". I was never the most active, but I have done some of the rides - Marshall Canyon, Peter's Canyon, the annual Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day, I even won a bike at a raffle / bbq. They have put together some great all-member rides in the past, and though my focus over the past few years has returned to the road, I am going to try my hardest to make it out to this:

I am quite sure it will be an occasion to remember. I imagine the ride will be low key enough for just about anyone. Whatever else happens is anyone's guess. Check the STR forum website for more information.

Finally, I wish everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. Whether you are in the US and celebrate, or somewhere else around the world, I imagine we all have something to be thankful for. Gobble, gobble.